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About Us

Jeff Shear Homes, Inc. was founded by Jeff Shear in 1997.

Since Jeff was a kid he has loved construction. He has taken that love of construction and developed an extensive background of experience and education. In 1983 Jeff graduated from college with degrees in architecture and engineering and began building his practical experience in construction by working in many different areas of the industry.

When Jeff founded Jeff Shear Homes he combined his porfessional experience in construction and his educational background to put together the most complete package of knowledge to help his customers have the most rewarding and satisfying project they can have.

He achieves this by combining the technical discipline of engineering and the design philosophy of architecture with the now over 30 years of experience in construction.

It is the philosophy of Jeff Shear Homes that a successful home project involves the art of bringing together the customers design needs and their budget to create the best possible home designed specifically for them.

There are no cookie cutter jobs at Jeff Shear Homes each customer has unique needs and each project has different details.

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